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MAA Takaful leads the way in distributing Profit Commission to General Takaful agents

MAA Takaful Berhad (MAA Takaful) became the first takaful operator to declare and pay profit commission to its qualifying general takaful agents.

“We are proud to announce that MAA Takaful is the 1st Takaful Operator to declare Agents’ Profit Commission. At MAA Takaful, we will endeavor to ensure that this encouraging incentive is distributed annually,” said En. Salim Majid Zain, Chief Executive Officer of MAA Takaful Berhad. He further added; “MAA Takaful as a takaful operator, strives to ensure equal treatment to all stakeholders in sharing the profits of the company as a whole, reflecting the Shariah principles of equitability and mutuality.”

MAA Takaful has grown its general takaful business since 2008, to which its agency channel, contributes a major share. The management believes the payment of profit commission marks a significant milestone as this will encourage agents to bring in more quality business, which in turn, translates into higher profitability, while ensuring business sustainability.

Moving forward, supported by strong capital, MAA Takaful will ensure that its products and business portfolios continue to enhance shareholders’ value under the Risk-based Capital Framework for Takaful Operators (RBCT) regime.

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