Personal Accident Takaful

Personal Accident Takaful plan designed for your protection needs. Its is Shariah-compliant and gives you 24 hours protection against injury anywhere in the world caused by accidental means. With a variety of plans and sub-plans to choose from, you can be confident that it is Takaful Plan for everybody

This product extend the PA coverage to the following accidents:

  • Whilst on any vehicle / mode of traveling
  • Whilst engaged in sport or hobbies (except martial arts and wrestling)
  • Caused by reptile bites and harmful animal bites
  • Caused by strike, riot and civil commotion
  • Murder and assault (unprovoked)
  • Drowning
  • Suffocation through fumes or poisonous gas
  • Food and drink poisoning
  • Intoxication by drugs (only drugs prescribed by a registered medical practitioner)

Additional Benefit in PATINA:

  • A claims-free policy will be rewarded with a Renewal Incentive Bonus of additional 10% per year of Initial Sum Covered up to a maximum of 50% when you are free from claims

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